April 2, 2008


The project "British towns" has come to its end.

20 students decided to join it in the middle of February. It has not been a simple task for many of them to try new technologies and complete all the items.

In the questionnaire of task 5 most students found the project interesting and challenging and would like to join similar projects in future!

The winners are

SB (44 points), Dasha (42 points), Katja (42 points),
Lex (42 points), Lena (41 points), Andrey (40 points)

"...this project helped us to learn many new and interesting things. We also got some experience in working with blogs"

"...we need more projects!!!We must learn something new."

"...Thank you! The project was fine and useful. I'll be waiting fot another projects. "

"...I hope in the future will be more interesting projects like this."

March 27, 2008

Task 5

Our project is coming to an end!
Please, fill in the questionnaire.
No IT task this time.
The deadline is 31st March.


Task 4 is completed.
The most hard-working and daring people are still in the project!
6 people have done a great job on time!

March 12, 2008

Task 4

I am proud of you!
Task 3 has been completed! As you know, only those who gained 5 points can pass to task 4. It is going to be even more challenging, but you will do it , I am sure! The deadline is 24th March (one week to prepare and the second week to post it). All the best!