March 11, 2008


The largest city of Scotland - Glasgow (59,1 mln.-population)
Glasgow does not simply follow fashion - it creates its own. When it comes to sheer panache, the upfront personality of the city, especially with its fabulous shopping and vibrant nightlife, is like nowhere else in Scotland!
Right in the beginning of the 1990s Glasgow celebrated its status as European “City of Culture”,
Glasgow is sometimes described as Britain's finest Victorian city. In city more than 30 picture galleries and museums.
Glasgow is the home to Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. The Burrell Collection in the Pollok Country Park is a haven for culture lovers.Old Glasgow was centered around its cathedral and expanded west into Merchant City. The symbol of Glasgow's former life as a great trading port is the "Tall Ship", built in 1896, at Glasgow harbour.

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