March 10, 2008

Winchester (3)

Winchester (B) is familiar to millions of travellers. It gives a lot of opportunities to have a good time. Marwell Zoological Park is the only place in the UK where you can see the Coquerels Mouse Lemur and the Dorcas Gazelle. Visitors can stay at the adjacent Marwell Hotel - a unique safari-style building in a woodland setting.
Expand your mind! You can visit first British public library, which was established back in 1850s in part of the former city gaol.
Wichester is also a centre for playing cricket.The village of Hambeldon, just outside of Winchester, is the birthplace of cricket. At Broadha'penny Down a cricket club was formed in the 1760s and this is where the rules of the game as it is known throughout the world today were first established.(C) The possibilities in this cricket club are endless.

Questions: 1. Why is the Winchester College so famous?
2. Does Wichester have some sister cities?

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